Balenciaga's return to its origins for Fall 2023-24

After the controversy surrounding the bondage teddy bear, Balenciaga is back on the catwalk with a co-ed man and woman in an aseptic space and a "clean" concept, because Demna wants to let only the clothes do the talking. And in the end it's about clothes.

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Spring recipe: spinach gnocchi and their seasonal planter

Chef Rémi Henaux — at the helm of Odette L'Auberge Urbaine , restaurant at Maison Albar Hotels Le Pont Neuf — offers his recipe for gnocchi with seasonal vegetables served directly in a pan to share. For spring, his spinach gnocchi are accompanied by a duo of mashed potatoes and roasted celery, sherry vinegar, basil oil, cauliflower and buckwheat seeds.