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The interview with Rondodasosa, the rapper from San Siro based in London

Who is Rondodasosa? Part of the San Siro Collective, with which he released the Platinum "Seven 700 Mixtape" , at twenty he is one of the most acclaimed rappers on the international music scene.

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Fat Tony: The Comeback Kid

The cult London DJ Fat Tony first arrived in Ibiza in 1983. For the best part of the next two decades, his relationship with Ibiza, music, alcohol and drugs would become inextricably entwined. Following a remarkable personal and musical renaissance, Fat Tony talks to L’OFFICIEL IBIZA’s Maya Boyd about those lost years in Ibiza, the launch of his tell-all memoir and a season-defining 2022 residency at Hï Ibiza.

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A very modern muse: the Ibiza life of DJ Chloé Caillet

Multi-hyphenate Chloé Caillet is a DJ, producer and multi-instrumentalist whose innate sense of style has captured the eye of designers such as Miuccia Prada, with whom Chloé has collaborated on several occasions. Known for her eclectic taste and energetic style, she has played some of the world’s most renowned clubs and parties including a residency with Dixon at Pacha, Fabric London, Tek Support New York, Hï Ibiza, Brooklyn Mirage and most recently her residency at Ibiza’s CircoLoco. Since releasing a critically acclaimed remix commissioned directly by Beck, Chloé has begun work on a series of singles for the newly minted XCESS RECORDS label, in collaboration with her PVBLIC XCESS collective. L’OFFICIEL IBIZA caught up with Chloé on the east coast of the island, where she lives with her girlfriend, the artist and director Ana Sting.