Natural and vegan skin care with flânerie: beauty in harmony with the environment

Good facial care is important for a healthy and radiant complexion. Beauty rituals can help to pamper and care for the skin. With a regular routine, you can slow down skin aging and ensure a beautiful complexion in the long term. But the well-being and relaxation during the care ritual should not be underestimated! Flânerie has recently released a new edition of their five bestselling bags, now available in a convenient travel design. This makes it easy to carry with you wherever you go.

halloween eye brow


Brutalist brows: make a statement in Ibiza this Halloween with beauty editor Lilli Kelly

Lilli Kelly is a UK-born international make-up artist whose 10-year career spans fashion, beauty and film. She has spent the last eight years exploring Ibiza – her ‘spiritual home’ - and finds inspiration in everything from the 1970s hippy revolution to the club scene of the 1980s and the island’s enduring, barefoot ethos. This is Lilli’s first beauty column for L’OFFICIEL IBIZA