The success story of Karolina Geits

The young and successful American model Karolina Geits lives in Manhattan. She is currently writing a book about her life and taking part in promotional shoots for well-known brands. During the quarantine alone, she appeared on more than 10 fashion magazine covers. She told L'Officiel how she found fame during the quarantine, her grandiose plans for 2021 and life in New York.

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Anita Murnieks & fashion of the future

Anita Murnieks (@anitamurnieks) takes her Latvian name from her father. She was born in Moscow, lives in New York and at the age of 23 has achieved what many take half a lifetime to achieve. Including in the understanding of how much damage fast fashion causes to nature. Founded by Anita, the LETTONNE  brand is already creating the fashion of the future – both in the metaverse and in the more familiar reality.

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